Hey, WWE – No one wants to see Big Show or Kane anymore.


WWE is a weird company, in that it hangs on to some people who hold zero value to the audience, while not signing people like Kurt Angle or Jeff Harvey…Hardy. Case in point – The Big Show and Kane. No one wants to see these two guys. They’re horrible.

Kane and the Big Show have both been squashed so many times, they hold no seriousness or value to the audience. For starters, these two almost always seem to be involved with each other, in some sort of feud…because…big guys!


No one has ever been interested in it, since it first began back in 1999.

Since 1999
Since 1999

20 years later, we STILL don’t give a shit! Actually, it’s worse now, because literally over the years, it has been rehashed over and over and over. Remember when Roman Reigns dumped both of them over the top rope at the same time, in the Rumble? The exact same spot happened at Rumbles in the past.

Another spot we have seen enough? The chokeslam from Kane that is countered by the bigger chokeslam by the Big Show.


It has happened so much, I can add still images from each time and it makes a movie.

Now, individually, I’m tired of both of these wrestlers too. Kane is totally boring and has some of the worst execution in his moves, plus is clumsy. However, Big Show just plain fucking sucks as a human being. Stories exist of him being a jackass to people and we know he can’t put on an entertaining match for shit.


If WWE wants to save some money and have no negative effect for the cuts, fire Big Show immediately. Next, fire Kane. Bam, you just saved millions a year. And somehow, more people will probably start watching because these ratings vacuums won’t be on your show anymore.


5 thoughts on “Hey, WWE – No one wants to see Big Show or Kane anymore.”

  1. Big Show is the worst waste of talent the WWE has ever used. The guy can’t wrestle, he can’t take a bump, and he can’t sell a hit for crap. Get rid of this colossal waste of life and space. He SUCKS!

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  2. Youre a idiot. Its much better watching two behemoths like kane and show go at it then it is a couple vanilla midgets like styles or bryan.


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