Super 8 Hotels suck – and kicked a couple out in the cold.


I just read a story about Super 8 Hotels kicking a homeless couple out of a shitty motel room that was charitably purchased for them, for two nights, to help them avoid the cold. The chain said it asked them to produce ID to show they were over 21, and because they didn’t, they had to kick them out because they couldn’t rent to anyone under 21 thanks to a dumb shit policy. Oh ok, well guess what? Fuck you Super 8.

Here’s the story:

If you take the time to actually read the link instead of being lazy like you probably really just were, you’ll see that they were just being total fucks. I think it is a requirement to be a prick piece of shit to operate a Super 8. Fact is, there is nothing super about their motels. They often, if not usually, suck, stink, are filthy and disappoint. Let’s check out some reviews from Super 8’s own Website!

Super 8, Hamilton MT:

Dec 21, 2014   James Payton, Post Falls Id.
I had a room that had twin beds late night I came into my room showered and went to lay in my bed. I noticed something sticking me in the legs I remove the covers and found peanuts in my bed along with human hair it was absolutely disgusting. I checked the next bed and it was clean fortunately for them it was late at night and I did not wish to go find another hotel. I only picked super 8 motel because the other motel in town the Magnuson has degraded to such a point that no longer stay there. The next morning I found on the floor next to my bed or my cell phone had fallen a buret and a bobby pin it was clear that this room has never been properly cleaned. When I checked out I presented a Styrofoam cup with peanuts human hair bobby pin and a brat to the person at the counter. I explained the situation and his response was ,” OH”. he then handed me a receipt for my room and said nothing further. It goes without saying that I will not be staying there anymore. It was repulsive.

Here is another review, which I was crying in laughter at reading:

i like the location and price. but other then that there was nothing super about it. a dog bit me on the way to my room. when i finally limped in my door i found a housekeeper sleeping in my bed. i woke her up she apologized and gave me a extra pillow. i guess as a bribe not to tell on her. which i hadn’t until now. so i decided to take a shower i looked at the towel i would be using and there was stains all over it.i had to go to walmart and buy one.they were that bad. bought one for my wife my room had a furnace or something that made noise every hour or so. kept me up till 3 am. on the plus side they had lots of channels on the tv.


So, Super 8 has lower than low quality, dogs bite you on your way to rooms and they kick homeless people out. No thanks, I’m staying anywhere else besides a Super 8.

Corporate marketing.
Corporate marketing.

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