Collection of Juicy Fruit Commercials

This moved me.


Sometimes, you get a jingle or commercial stuck in your head and spend 5 hours looking up everything you can about it. Pretty crazy huh?

A 1981 variant. Water ski version. Maybe the original. “The taste is gonna GONNA move ya.” Different from the ones we later learned to love. Some big tits at the beginning.

A 1986 variant. Snow ski version. Probably the most famous. Also, the one Family Guy parodied. This one had to air a billion times.

A side by side with the Family Guy version.

Another 1986 variant. Sail board version. They went nuts that year. Sounds like a slightly different guy. He doesn’t sound right. He wants me to take a SNIFF and says it harshly. I don’t think I want to because of the way he asked me to.

A 1987 variant. Snowboard version. Strap them on. The guy they ask to take a sniff looks embarrassed too and also looks creepy, like the kind of guy who would get you drunk and take advantage of you. Also, snowboarders must represent like .0001% of the population. If I tried doing that, I’d break my neck.

A 1992 variant. Volleyball version. Still want me to smell of it.

A 1994 variant. Hip, new announce and some new lyrics. They’re not telling me to smell it anymore.

An Australian version. The taste will…getcha going?!??!? WHAT IS THIS BLASPHEMY?? The only word they could think of that rhymes with “going” was “going.”

If you can find other ones, post them here and I’ll add them to the list. This is important for mankind.


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