Review: Arrow – Season 1

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I just finished watching the first season of Arrow. Amazing. I was expecting something like Smallville but I was much happier immediately. This show rocks! (Spoilers ahead for season 1. If you’ve seen season 1, you’re safe)

We meet Oliver Queen in a universe more closely resemblant to a The Dark Knight universe with some supernatural influences. It’s not as overt as Smallville, which routinely felt like an episode of Star Trek.

Episodes usually mix about 75% current events with 25% backstory from “the island” that Queen was stranded on, where he developed his wicked combat skills. Make no mistake – this Arrow is as proficient in combat as Bruce Wayne was in Batman Begins. On the island, he spent 5 years in the worst conditions possible, surviving. Wayne’s years spent training with the League of Shadows would be on par with this. Arrow was mentored by Slade Wilson primarily on the island. He’s a bad man.

We see this in the opening moments. The effects of it are still in season 3! Amazing.
We see this in the opening moments. The effects of it are still in season 3! Amazing.

We follow Queen from his arrival on the island and his return to Starling City, both quite interesting perspectives. Neither are boring and that’s crucial to this show being so fun. Season 2 continues with the formula but we’re always advancing on this show. Shits going down meng.

The show is a lot darker than Smallville and even Gotham. I recently spoke to someone who said he was watching Gotham and I asked if he had seen Arrow. He told me now. Gotham is a 2/10 show, generously. On that same harsh scale, Arrow is an 8/10 or 9/10 at times show. I can’t even think of what I would give a 10/10 to.

If you’re looking for a show to get into that is rich and rewarding with story and especially for binge watchers, check it out. Netflix wickedly skips the intro of each episode so you can glide through the first two seasons. Hulu Plus has part of the third season, with annoying commercials.

I love Felicity.
I love Felicity.

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