The WWE Hall of Fame Class that will never happen!


I noticed that Madusa herself, Alundra Blayze was rumored to be going into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. If Vince McMahon can mend fences with Madusa, maybe he can mend fences with some others who could be great HOFers.

Mel Phillips – “When you’re twelve or thirteen-years-old and you think this guy is wrestling with you, and then he grabs your foot, maybe part of you doesn’t want to believe it or part of you wants to block it out,” said a man who claims he was sexually abused by this weirdo. “I just didn’t have an answer for it. Who would have told you at that age that some guy wants to play with your feet?”

”Rita Marie” Chatterton – The first female referee in WWE history! She claimed she was fired by WWE after refusing sexual advances by Vince McMahon. She claimed Vince made her suck his dick and that he raped her in the car but Vince was never charged.

Terry Garvin – Playing with little kids’ peters is about as gross of a behavior as a person can think of but Terry Garvin would describe that behavior as “Wednesday.” Put this guy in the Hall of Fame, Vince. You know all of those rings would never have been put up if not for those little boys.

Chris Benoit – World champion, great wrestler, murderer…Chris Benoit did it all. Then, murder-suicide happened. But hey, let’s go ahead and put him in the Hall anyway. He got all of those concussions that made him go crazy for you wrestling fans, right?

Brian Pillman – Not only did he die in 1997 – Vince made it into a storyline element immediately and even interviewed his wife the next night on Raw. Drugs R Good.

Lance Cade – “Sorry Linda, I didn’t mean to die right as you were running for Senate.” Cade would probably say, if he weren’t dead from being a drug head.

Miss Elizabeth – Dying from choking on your own vomit can suck. Miss Elizabeth did it. Dope.



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