How is Sears in business? It sucks


Sears must have been sitting on a boatload of cash because the fact that they’re even trying to be in business still perplexes me.

Besides Team Rocket, I don’t think any business has a dumber model. Maybe Radio Shack but it went out. Sears mixes up tools and gym shit for guys (or manly women) and dresses, clothing, the Kardashian collection (FUCK) and pots and pans for the ladies. Don’t fret though, you can also buy a vacuum cleaner and or some televisions in a weirdly placed electronics department. Because in 2015, we just walk into a place and buy a TV, without shopping around, right?

You can be hounded by one of several lurking, inactive-for-hours employees in Sears who always seem too engrossed in a conversation with a coworker to be useful to me.

Great door stop
Great door stop

Sears used to exist as a catalogue. I even remember the 1990s having a lot of those thick ass waste of trees coming in the mail every season. My old step-mom would thumb through it and pick out a bunch of boring shit. I used to grab it, go upstairs, close the door and turn to the women’s underwear section. Guess what came next? Me.

As good as Playboy to an 8 year old
As good as Playboy to an 8 year old

Once the Internet was invented, there really wasn’t a need for stupid ass catalogues like the Sears one anymore. It was too cost ineffective to send out randomly to people, too. So that killed Sears. They were too stupid to get online and become what is.

Let me help you Sears investors or management personnel out. If you want to know whether or not you should shut a Sears store down, check to see if it is a Sears and if it is, shut it down.

They're catching on...
They’re catching on…

6 thoughts on “How is Sears in business? It sucks”

  1. Sears seriously sucks, blows even. Spent about $3500 on a washer/dryer and a fridge was told “Shop Your Way” points can be used whenever I want. Just found out they expire after 12 mos. Eff you Sears. You suck. I will never purchase anything from your crappy, mismanaged business again. Death to Sears!!


    1. So mismanaged! Carl Icahn should buy this company and strip it apart, starting with management. DO NOT BUY FROM APPLIANCES FROM SEARS! Las Vegas Sears Store-Boulevard Mall. This is your great grandfathers store, and they are out of date, and out of style. Bought a washer and dryer,and had to buy this hose, and that connector. Cheapest one: $1,260.00. I am told they are all the same, water savers. Not exactly true. The washer does not wash the clothes. It does not fill the tank with water. I called 800 # from internet, it kept saying it did not recognize my phone number from my order, could not get through. I called the store, no one answered. I called the store manager, no message saying it is the managers office, no return call. I go in to store 38 days after delivery to say washer is not washing clothes, want to upgrade to Samsung. Nice sales lady said have to talk to manager. Bum in street clothes says he is the manager, so ignorant, no training in customer service. Told him my story, his reply: Did you buy the warranty? I said no, why would I need to buy a warranty on a brand new Sears Kenmore washer and dryer? His reply, then you are outta luck. Call this number. He circles the number to the manufacturer. I asked for his supervisor and the asshole tells me there is no one else, he is it. He refused to give me the number to a general or district manager. I find the corporate number on the internet. This man says he is a manger in corporate, all he will do is send repairmen to house. The repairman should be the president of the company, he was stellar. But at the end of the day, I can get more water in the tank to cover the clothes, by setting every wash to heavy, but clothes not coming out clean. I am told I have to use special soap, or it will break in a year! I am remodeling my entire home, and I told them I need a fridge, a stove and a dishwasher, but I would never by from this low life, out of style, poorly managed company. My money is on the bet that this company will be out of business in 1 year. If you need a washer and dryer, DO NOT BUY FROM SEARS, and buy the front loader, and try Samsung. Do not buy one without an agitator. Buy one that is a front loader so the water gets through the clothes. Sears is never going to survive in this new world. They are living in the 1960s.


  2. Sears should be ashamed of themselves! It’s been over 3 months since my Dad ordered trim for his house and they still have not installed or even shown up to look. They have made appointments to come out so my Dad has cancelled plans to make sure he is there and they never show up! They don’t respond to phone calls and if they so it’s to make more promises they don’t keep. They had no problem taking his money though! The old Sears is gone and in it’s place is another money hungry company that’s out to screw people. If you are looking at making a purchase through Sears, please do your homework. I have read nothing but negative comments on their customer service. My Dad has worked hard all of his life. He just lost the love of his life, my Mom, after 56 years of marriage, to cancer. He has always been a fair and honest man and treated everyone with respect. This company has taken his money and are stringing him along. I don’t know if they are hoping he will give up and just forget about it or what but I am here to tell you his kids aren’t going to stand by and let you screw him. I am going to make sure that everyone I can get in contact with knows what they are about. If I have to contact newspapers, television stations, etc. I will start with the internet and then the Better Business Bureau and go from there. It’s not over and he’s not going to cancel any more plans to wait for nothing!


  3. I should have learned my lesson after the first time when it took a month to get my appliances delivered. the first time the delivery was “Scheduled” nothing arrived and when we called found out that the appliances hadn’t even been manufactured yet. This BS went on for another 3 attempts, Each time my wife and I took a day off work only to be left with nothing. Well this time is tuning out to be the same again, we are now on delivery #3 scheduled and still no fridge. This is total BS how do they stay in business. Customer service, while very polite was useless. My rep, keeps calling my home # and I have repeatedly told them to call my cell #. Brain dead.


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