Review: Arrow – Season 2


The second season of Arrow was everything the first season was and more. There was really only one complaint I had.

We will get to the complaint in a second. First off, only spoilers for season 2 are here. Look out!

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We get to meet Barry Allen in season 2, which is pretty significant because he gets his own show that runs parallel to season 3. The shows tie-in like I have never seen two do before and it is an awesome thing to behold!

That complaint was the episode ending in Thea shooting Malcom, we assume, to death. The next episode begins with him hopping up and saying “Kevlar.” That’s cheap shit for a commercial break but for a cliffhanger? It shits on the viewer.


The Red Arrow, who will become known as Arsenal, is a big big part of season 2. At first, I will admit…I thought…why is everyone a Calvin Klein model? It takes them a little too long to give the guy a good name, by the way. “Roy” is about the worst name ever besides Theodore.

Deathstroke/Slade Wilson is a very bad man and not just because of the mirakuru. I was worried that they wouldn’t be able to manage him throughout the season but they did and very well! The final confrontation between Queen and Wilson is one to remember. Really worthy of your time invested for the entire season. Remember how Smallville used to disappoint in finales? Not here.

If you enjoyed season 1 of Arrow, season 2 will wet your taste buds even more and you’ll be very happy with it.


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