Review: Hell’s Kitchen – Season 4


Hell’s Kitchen – Season 4 didn’t really impress me much. Most of the contestants seemed to have bad moments on the show that turned me off to them. In fact, I think Gordon Ramsay agreed because he did not award the winner an Executive Chef position as promised. 

At one point, we are teased and teased that a romance is going to blossom between two contestants – the oriental Mohawk and the mean ugly tall chick. They tease it all episode and season and even go to a break with a MOAN. When they come back, the first thing we hear the girl say is “Nothing happened. He’s way too short for me.” And we see him walk away from her. It was one of the worst TV moments I’ve seen in a long time. So bad, I grabbed my iPhone an wrote this.

Christina won the show. She did not become executive chef, as was promised. Senior Sous Chef was actually her title but she got the $250,000. She later left the London West Hollywood and according to Wikipedia, has a Michelin star now. She is also pretty.

Not everyone had the same affection for the ladies, however. Matt and other contestants continued a trend of acting sexist and generally stupid. Matt also starts acting crazy at one point, slapping himself on the head and acting like a Three Stooges stooge. However, he stops after seeming to realize how idiotic he looked and was.

The king of the stupid face, Matt.
The king of the stupid face, Matt.

As mentioned, lots of ineptitude this season. So many contestants were nominated for elimination, including the finalists. It felt like a subpar season and the quality increased significantly in future editions, although the following season would suck too.


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