Rey Mysterio is gone from WWE. Good.

He fucking did Avatar.
He fucking did Avatar.

The story today from WWE seems to be that Rey Mysterio Jr. is gone from the company. Finally. He sucked.

Wrestling is about leverage and power and technique. The definition of wrestling is compromised when people are jumping off of ropes like a cartoon character but somehow still winning. And when the guy doing it is as small as Conners Cure, holy shit.

I get it, Mysterio put on some bad ass matches back during WCW’s cruiserweight days. His highlights come from there, if you ask me. Name one great Mysterio match from his WWE run. It is almost impossible and if you picked Mysterio vs. Guerrero, I’ve got about 3 promotions that had it before WWE did.

Mysterio only won the world title because Eddie Guerrero died. If you think I’m making that up, remember – he drew number 2, thanked Eddie, came out in a lowrider for Eddie, wore the Eddie armband and won the Royal Rumble. Then, he inducted Eddie into the Hall of Fame and won the world title, that year. WWE went Eddie Guerrero Overboard that year and they did it through Rey Mysterio. Afterward, we got to hear him called a former world champion forever. Sorry, it was really Eddie Guerrero’s death who won.

Fans really started getting sick of Rey toward the end of his WWE run. His final match, which I believe is here, shows just how much they were done with him.

Mysterio has also had a string of embarrassingly stupid ring attires/ring gears, especially during Wrestlemanias. Look at some of them. Good riddance, Rey. You just weren’t very interesting.


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