Leonard Nimoy dies at 83. He was a great man.


Leonard Nimoy was the kind of man I could respect. He played, most famously, Spock of Star Trek. However, he refused to milk it for money (Shitner). He would only participate when the quality was right and in doing so, created an iconic part in our society that will be remembered by generations.

Spock was Star Trek. Let’s face it. It later became more but the thing that caught us early on was the way this half-alien behaved and acted. He was super human. He could touch you and knock you out. He had no emotions. He was logical in the face of everything imaginable. Spock was Star Trek! And Captain Kirk, while a big part, played his role next to this great actor and luckily for him, became known for it. Had Spock not been there, I think William Shatner would have been back in the back seat of his car like he was after the show anyway.


Nimoy’s dedication to good storytelling led to Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn…where Spock was killed. Now, if that movie had ended it, wow, what a story. Trek producers realized what they had done, though…killed the Original Series cast. They had to bring him back to life and hey, while I hate some of the movies after that, what they did gave us years more of Nimoy on screen and that is easy to forgive.

Leonard Nimoy directed The Search for Spock, which gives you an idea of the power he had at the time. It was alright. But then, he directed The Voyage Home, which is, was and forever will be the best Star Trek movie EVER! I can watch that movie a million times.


The ultimate honor, I believe, is that his last film appearance was as Spock in Star Trek Into Darkness – the reboot of The Wrath of Kahn. Life managed to be poetic in that sense.

Rest in power, Leonard Nimoy. You touched many lives and definitely lived long and prospered.


2 thoughts on “Leonard Nimoy dies at 83. He was a great man.”

  1. You hit the nail on the head in comparing Leonard and Shatner. Shatner made Mrs. Nimoy mad because everything that Leonard did, like write poetry, act on stage, etc., Shatner tried. But Leonard being Leonard just laughed it off.

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