The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore sucks


I gave this show a shot but the fact is, it sucks and isn’t funny.

Critics are fellating it yet the people have a starkly different take. The Nightly Show sucks ass. Larry Wilmore is taking over Stephen Colbert’s timeslot in this daily visit into the world of the news while trying to make people laugh. Only one problem – this isn’t funny. I couldn’t bring myself to laugh at anything during any of the episodes I watched. At one point, I found myself actually pissed off. This guy isn’t funny at all. He’s trying to be and the “audience” or laugh track or whatever it is – they’re sheep. They’d laugh at a sign telling them to…oh wait.

Comedy Central's "The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore" Makes Its Debut With Host, Executive Producer And Writer Larry Wilmore

Don’t just take my word for it, though. Some users had this to say, from Metacritic.

This is completely unwatchable. Larry is just not a likeable character, but more importantly is unable to be funny.

After a couple weeks I still have not seen anything funny on this show. Larry Willmore seems uncomfortable. The guests I have seen were neither funny nor informed. The entire show feels awkward.

This show is totally unwatchable. I thought maybe I was being to hard on it because Colbert was genius so I continued to give it a chance. Each show is as bad or worse than the previous. Comedy Central, pull the plug. You can do better than this.

The statement on the show feeling awkward is perfect. It truly does. Has this guy been on TV before? I get it, he used to guest host The Daily Show but he is a nervous wreck on this shit and I am telling you, the show is shit.


Months after I wrote this review, the show has continued to suck. There is no uptick in sight. The show is painful – and I’m cool with more liberal-minded shows (I take jabs at liberals for fun sometimes, because if you only make fun of the other side, you lose meaning to people who think you can’t handle the heat).

I want to elaborate on why I hate this show. It is lazy. It is unoriginal. The panel discussion amounts to an easy-way-out to fill a segment and it ends up being neither interesting nor informative. And as for humor, well, it is especially devoid of that.

Wilmore’s opening anchor moments, which suck, are the best parts of the show.

The show also gives a voice to anti-vaxxers, Glenn Beck personalities and people who don’t deserve to be on television. Unfortunately, this show, itself, does not deserve to be on TV either.

Check out some of the other TV shows that blow. Or movies. Or video games. We play hard ball here.


113 thoughts on “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore sucks”

  1. It’s kinda weird that Larry Wilmore is a total racist and yet comedy central promotes the shit out of him…….clearly a racist almost every episode has race jokes in them.


  2. I too think the show sucks. I tried many times to watch it. I thought it would be funny and informative. It is neither. They trivialize important topics in a effort to make it funny and they fail every time. I got so frustrated with the show, I just stop watching it.


  3. I’ve been watching the show since day one and I’m ready to write if off as a racist propaganda show. Every day it’s always about the poor black person being wronged by white racists. You’ve worn it out, I’m done. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah has done the same thing and I’m done with it too. Does everything have to be racism?

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    1. Thank you!! I feel the same way, same racist whines over & over. No talent, not funny, not clever, I cant believe they are still on the air! Comedy central has to be better than this!


    2. Nah Black people can’t be tacist, naaaaah. Racism is racism and ALL people are capable of it. He is a masterrible panderer and apologist.


  4. Worse than Larry’s awkwardness is his choice to put Grace Parra anywhere near his show. Robin Thede is almost as unwatchable, but she really sealed the deal for me. Nothing funny there, and completely obnoxious.


  5. Larry Wilmore is god-awful, and his show blows donkey balls. You get the sense that he knows it as well, when he looks out into the audience after receiving forced and tepid applause for one of his “jokes.” Apparently you don’t have to be funny or talented to have a show on Comedy Central anymore. It seems that nowadays diversity trumps anything and everything else. Sigh…

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  6. Each show might as well be titled “How white people did something bad this today.” This show is incredibly racist and one sided. Not to mention it’s about as funny as stepping on a tack. Comedy Central has really misplaced the comedy in this choice.


  7. The writers are all horrible. The bits are just forced nonsense. They have to kill this show. It’s unwatchable. Sorry Larry. You’re the only talent and it’s just not working out.


  8. Both daily and nightly show have never done a show without saying rascist a few times and bashing white people. Not entertaining after Stewart and Colbert left. It seems the only agenda is to bash white people, I don’t see either show lasting much longer.


  9. To all of you claiming reverse racism;
    Do you know what racism is?

    Besides that, the show sucks. It’s supremely unfunny, and makes me want to kill myself. It does revolve completely around race. And it’s pretty one sided at that.


  10. Agreed, this show is lazy and stupid. The panels all suck ass with boring guests talking over each other. If CC wants funny black people start again with David Allen Grier. DAG’s show was good and got cancelled. The Nightly and Daily Shows suck ass and they keep them limping along. At least we don’t have to see that whiny jew fuck Stewart anymore. CC is mailing it in these days. 1000 Ways to Die, SNL and Tosh? Fuck outta here.


  11. Other than the commercials, I’ve seen 2 episodes of the show. All they do is bash white people and twist anything they can to turn the most trivial and irrelevant thing into a sensationalistic racist segment. Everything about this show is cheap, overblown, lazy and above all, anti-white.


  12. This is the most worthless show I’ve ever watched, and I’ve watched house wives of Jersey shore. They literally just ask sound guys “hey do you have an absurd opinion about a current political event?”
    “I mean I guess I could make one up…”
    “He’s perfect, get him to makeup!”
    There is no educated input, no research, nothing but mindless support for the Democratic Party, not that I’m against the Democratic Party, just hate fucking Hillary, lying bitch. Hillary Clinton who not but 3 months ago they were bashing the shit out of for being corrupt is now the blessed goddess sent to us from the heavens above to deliver us. What the fuck. Like literally what use is your opinion if it changes in 24 hours? The fact that Larry Wilmore breaths is upsetting to me. Can he just like not be alive any more, that would be super.


  13. Does anyone else notice on the panels at the end of the show how unfunny their mindless jokes are but at the same time their laughing is completely forced, way to loud, and they laugh at every single thing for way to much time. It drives me crazy when I see them forcing all that obnoxious loud laughter at totally unfunny jokes…over and over again. I need to stop watching cuz last night it was so annoying I almost threw my batteries inside my remote at the tv. Its ridiculous and unacceptable. There…I’ve said it. But really…anyone else notice this at all?


  14. THE NIGHTLY SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED, OH HAPPY DAY!! Hopefully this will be the last that we’ll ever have to hear from the woefully untalented Larry Wilmore. Now if only Comedy Central will also show fellow affirmative action hire Trevor Noah the door and stop trying to influence popular culture with lefty PC bullshit, maybe it can eventually get back to producing quality programming that’s actually funny. Perhaps they’ve finally figured out that enforcing compulsory “diversity” ain’t exactly conducive to having a healthy bottom line. Nothing destroys funny more completely than political correctness. Any hey, if anybody from CC is reading this, BRING BACK TOUGH CROWD WITH COLIN QUINN!!! That was a funny show that had actual comedy in it!


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