Fuck you, Taco Bell.


I’ve had it with Taco Bell. I just got done having to go back after they screwed up my order and got home – only to realize I need to go back a third time! Why is it so hard to make this fucking simple ass food, idiots?

If you fuck food up at a Taco Bell, you’re too dumb to be alive. Truly, if Hitler wanted a better plan to exterminate the weak-links of society, I would suggest starting in fast food establishments. If someone can’t get it right there, they’re too fucking worthless to exist.



Taco Bell always has stupid ass slogans, too. “Live Mas” which means “Live More.” Really, you think I’m living more by eating your shitty food? I think I would be living more by using my money at an actual fine dining restaurant, not a shithole run by dumb kids.

They’ve used other slogans like “Think Outside the Bun,” which was dumb. It was supposed to spoof “think outside the box” while being cutsey. I hated it. It was their shitty slogan for 10 years. Of course, before that? Yo’ Quiero Taco Bell. The nasty chihuahua. To me, that rat was the grossest thing I could think of while eating food and I always imagined chihuahua meat in the tacos. That actually was probably more appetizing than what really IS in the meat.

Yum Brands Taco Bell

Oh yeah, in an effort to be cool, Taco Bell launched the unhealthiest sounding thing I’ve ever heard of. Not only is this taco a taco – it’s entire shell is that of a Dorito chip! Except it really isn’t – it’s just a hard shell sprinkled in the Doritos mix. This shit is gross. Reminds me of the kids at school who used to eat their cereal with chocolate milk. They were always the poor kids who probably didn’t get as many nutrients at home as they should have. Just because you “can” doesn’t mean you “should,” though. Same goes with this nasty taco. If you’re going to eat that, why not just eat a spoonful of this:


That’d be about as healthy.

Taco Bell has a serious problem. Their menu is well enough but the staff is just too damned dumb. Something needs to be done. Find a way to get smarter people working for you or raise the pay to attract better workers. When you can almost be certain your order is going to be screwed up, 100% of the time, something is wrong. It’s time to hire someone that isn’t a fucking moron.

Taco Bell corporate management.
Taco Bell corporate management.

10 thoughts on “Fuck you, Taco Bell.”

  1. I seriously adore the Dorito Taco. I wasn’t a poor kid with chocolate milk cereal but I did eat Poptarts for every breakfast for countless years. :/ Maybe as bad?!

    With that being said, Taco Bell on Caraway blows!!!! I got the nastiest food I’ve ever had from there one night. I refuse to eat at that one.

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    2. Fuck tacobell waited 20 fucking mins to get just 2 fucking soft shell tacos, and there’s no fucking extra lane for people who change their mind and want to leave so you have to wait till you get to the window and tell them never mind you don’t want their shit food because of their shit service. And went down the road to sonic took all of 5 mins to get my food and people here(mostly girls) where better spoken and knew how to get shit done. So yea fuck tacobell.


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