Review: The Last Man on Earth – Episodes 1 and 2


I really had no idea what I was getting into with this show. I figured it would probably suck and eventually, it might just decide to. But as for what it is now, it is hilarious.

The premise is awesome. This guy is the last man on the Earth (or so we are led to believe). He goes around doing anything he wants and the antics are enough to make most people laugh at least some. The show is structured well, though. I believe each show is a half-hour, because I seemed to watch 2 episodes together on Hulu but it said it was one….I don’t know. Confusing shit.

Perfect visualization of how I feel using Hulu Plus - distraught in a sea of litter.
Perfect visualization of how I feel using Hulu Plus – distraught in a sea of litter.

In the first episode, we basically get to know Will Forte in this post-apocalyptic world. He’s been to all 50 states and taken some pretty sweet items into his possession along the way. Now, in Tuscon, he sets up his life. After a while, though, he gets bored and becomes suicidal. Just as he is about to end it all, he finds the woman of his dreams! But he wakes up and she’s about a 2/10. She’s also nuts, super-Christian (the overcompensating kind) and is anal about prepositions, stop signs and other things that annoy me. However, she knows how to garden.

In the funniest scene, to me, of the first two episodes – Will Forte breaks into the garden and goes wild-animal, eating all the tomatoes he can fit in his mouth. He looks up at the camera, looking just like a raccoon that has been caught. He also apparently shit in the garden while eating it. I was rolling laughing.

See, a lot of the humor in this is subtle and some dumb people won’t pick up on it. When Phil Miller walks up to a window and shoots it so he can get in, without second thought, that is funny. It is funny because he just shot a window to go inside like it was nothing. That’s where a lot of the humor from this show will come from – Miller or other(s) doing things that you would never do in real life but that he doesn’t think twice about. I read a review where a lady said she didn’t get it and found it hard to sit through. Go read 50 Shades of Grey bitch, this ain’t for you.

A Margarita Pool.
A Margarita Pool.

I wasn’t sure what I would think and as this site proves, I am quite a skpepitc. But this show does it for me, early on at least. I hope it stays as funny, because right now, I am a fan.



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