The Big Show has turned heel 15 times. That’s just crazy.


I was just sitting around wondering how many times Big Show had turned heel, since it seems like it has happened so much. I was thinking maybe 7-10. HA! Not even close. Let’s chronicle every heel turn by the Big Show, during his pro-wrestling career. We might even throw a few more in there.

I believe The Big Show is worthless and this list is largely one of the reasons why. He’s not a serious character and never has been.

  • Big Show debuts in WCW as “The Giant.” He is a heel. He is also portrayed as the literal son of Andre the Giant.
  • Mid-96, The Giant is a tweener or baby face. He goes from facing The Horsemen to Sting. WCW was stupid.
  • The Giant is now a baby face, when he faces nWo Hollywood Hogan.
  • August 1996, The Giant turns heel (2), joins the nWo.
  • After 4 months teasing that he wanted a rematch for the title, The Giant is kicked out of the nWo and turns face.
  • In 1998, The Giant joins nWo Hollywood, turning heel. (3)
  • The week after the infamous Nash/Hogan “Fingerpoke of Doom,” The Giant is kicked out of the nWo, turning face.
  • February 1999, St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, WWF. “Paul Wight” debuts as Vince McMahon’s hired hand. Since we last saw him as a face, this counts as a heel turn (4).
  • After a month, Mr. McMahon berates Paul Wight in the ring and he knocks him out, turning face.
  • July 1999, “The Big Show” as he is more commonly known by turns heel (5) and joins the Undertaker.
  • Two months later, Big Show turns face for the legendary dead father/casket dragging storyline. By now, we are not acknowledging the previous claim that Andre was Big Show’s father.
  • Three months later, The Rock refuses The Big Show’s help against The New Age Outlaws. Show turns heel (6) and attacks him.
  • After Wrestlemania 2000, Big Show begins doing impersonations of wrestlers, turning face and making the crowd laugh.
  • While Shane McMahon is recruiting people for WCW, Big Show turns heel (7) and chokeslams him.
  • Three months later, Big Show turns face to join Billy Gunn for the tag-team “Show Gunns”
  • April 2002, Big Show turns heel (8), turning on Steve Austin to join the nWo. Because that always worked out well for him in the past.
  • September 2004, Big Show returns from an injury and turns face, tagging with Eddie Guerrero on Smackdown for his first match back.
  • June 2006 (Yeah, he stayed face for almost two years!) – Big Show gets drafted to ECW. He celebrates by…turning heel (9).
  • February 2008, Big Show returns at No Way Out after some time off. He is a face! Then, he literally turns heel (10) instantly and attacks Mysterio.
  • Two months later, Big Show turns face to wrestle Great Khali.
  • Five months later, Big Show turns heel (11) to save Vickie Guerrero from The Undertaker.
  • October 2009, Big Show turns face by beating Jericho on Team Smackdown. He joins Team Raw. Why does he join Team Raw, you ask?
  • So he can turn heel (12) at Bragging Rights, costing Team Raw the match.
  • April 2010, Big Show KOs The Miz, which is hard not to cheer for. He turns face.
  • May 2012, Big Show turns heel (13) thanks to Big Johnny’s ironclad contract (that was totally disregarded forever after this) and punches Cena.
  • March 2013, Big Show turns face to help Orton and Sheamus against The Shield. Wonder how that’ll work out.
  • After losing at Wrestlemania, Big Show turns heel (14) and KO’s Orton and Sheamus.
  • August 2013, after a little time off, Big Show returns as a face to help Mark Henry and RVD against The Shield.
  • October 2013, after crying from doing the evil deeds of the McMahon’s, Big Show KOs Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. Still a face though! For once, he was forced to do something bad.
  • November 2014, Big Show joins Cena’s team for the Survivor Series match. Mid-match, Big Show turns heel (15) and leaves his team.

  • Big Show appears in Jingle All the Way. He is a large, friendly Santa. After a few minutes, he turns heel and Arnold Schwarzenegger has to fight him.
  • A DJ known as “Quicksilver” who also worked as a security guard, had to inform the Big Show’s bus driver that he was illegally parked. Big Show exited the bus irate, turned heel, and cursed him out.
  • A fan in a hotel lobby was asking The Giant for an autograph. The Giant had a finisher stored, turned heel and hit him with the WMD KO punch.


Huge help from this article on Reddit.

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