Ryan Seacrest isn’t cool – he’s 40

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Ryan Seacrest can stop acting cool. He isn’t. He’s old.

Ryan Seacrest is a short little shit who wants so badly to be mr cool guy. He thinks he’s Dick Clark, but Dick Clark wasn’t exactly the shit. He put ass cream on his face.

Seacrest, who has had about 12 face lifts so far from what I can tell, is old and needs to stop. He acted like being called “sir” was weird on American Idol. What do you want people to call you old man? You’re 40.

American Idol badly needs to die. The show doesn’t even have Simon anymore, who was the main draw. Now, it has J Old, Harry Connick Senior Citizen and Keith Urban. Yes, Harry “Let’s Kick the Tires and Light the Fires Big Daddy” Connick Jr. From Independence Day, you know.


Keith Urban, wow a country singer. Anyone can sing country. Hoodie and the Blowfish sucked so since he needed to make money, Darius Rucker started singing country.

Anyone can.

nnoyedcritic.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/high-chair.jpg”> Seacrest’s seat at any restaurant.[/caption]Seacre

Seacrest has a radio show that he tries acting cool on too. Always trying to get the funny line in and punch it to break immediately. He just annoys me anytime I hear him because I know how hard he is trying. He dated Julianne Hough. He dated Teri Hatcher LOL. Idiot.

Nice smoker's teeth!
edcritic.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/download2.jpg”> Nice smoker’s teeth!

Seacrest i

[/caption]Seacrest is a tool if there ever was one.


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