Diet A&W Root Beer is the greatest soda I’ve ever enjoyed.


There is so much right about Diet A&W Root Beer. I absolutely love it. I’ll break it down for you as to why this soda is probably the best ever.

  1. Made with AGED Vanilla – You can taste a certain creaminess within the fabled Diet A&W Root Beer. When served iced cold, it hits your taste buds simultaneously like a refreshing waterfall of greatness.
  2. Caffeine Free – Folks don’t realize it but caffeine fucks with your brains and your bodies. It makes pain greater. It makes sleeping harder. You shouldn’t be having a lot of caffeine and shouldn’t have ANY after 3 PM. You can drink one of these sweet babies at MIDNIGHT and be OK!
  3. It Doesn’t Taste Like Diet! – What I can’t get over is how good this soda tastes. I don’t feel like it is at all diet when I drink it. I even feel fatter after drinking it!
  4. It Is Diet – Since it is so good, it is great that it has 0 calories. That’s mainly because I can’t stop drinking them and will guzzle 3 or 4 per day, without thinking about it.
  5. It Is Great for Root Beer Floats – Yes, a diet soda that is awesome for root beer floats. I promise you, you won’t be at all disappointed by using this in place of regular root beer.
  6. Your Mouth Isn’t Sticky After Drinking It – I don’t know about you guys but I hate my mouth feeling like a 3 year olds after drinking a soda. Since these wide mouth soda cans have become the norm, that’s a pretty big problem. But not with Diet A&W Root Beer! Since it is diet, you don’t get the child-face!
  7. It is the best of the best – Mug Root Beer just sucks Barqs is good but it has caffeine and it isn’t diet. The diet varient of Barqs is worse than toilet water.

If I were A&W, I might just discontinue their regular root beer and go with this one. It is bad ass enough to not be called diet, too. They aren’t paying me anything for writing this – but if you guys wanted to send me about 50 cases of A&W Diet Root Beer, I could use a week’s worth so go ahead!



10 thoughts on “Diet A&W Root Beer is the greatest soda I’ve ever enjoyed.”

  1. omg i’m glad someone else thinks this – i just started drinking it today and i was legitimately concerned that A&W accidentally mixed up and put their regular root beer in diet bottles. the fact that it doesn’t leave a gross sugar film in my mouth is the only thing making me believe it’s diet. barq’s is my all time favorite root beer in general but i’ve not bought any diet of it yet.

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  2. A&W Diet Root Beer is fantastic. I too, as of just recently, can vouch for the #1 status of this absolute treat to the pallet. What makes it so fantastic is no doubt the pure quenching’ness that this drink delivers every single time. When poured into a glass with plenty of ice, it is different than other soft drinks in that you can and probably will drink an entire glass of it in one burst. Also, the vanilla flavor is what kicks it, emeril style, booom, to the number one spot. It is clearly at least 40 fold better than almost any other drink…. It hits harder than Mike Tyson in his prime… making other diet drinks look like Hurricane Peter McNeely…

    HOWEVER, there is one and only one viable contender… which must be mentioned, even though it is definitely not a true #1 these days, It has a place in my heart and HAS to be mentioned………………
    That is Diet Dr. Pepper aka Diet Dr. Victory… anyways, tip of the cap to them both… but.. BUT.. Long live the king Diet A&W Root Beer

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  3. I’m so happt ro know that i am not alone.. i absolutely love diet a&w. When dieting, I crave sugar really bad. This drink hits the spot. I usually pound about 2 ice cold glasses at a time.. the thing about it is like others said, there isn’t the sugary after taste that stays in your mouth. Yet is feels very dense like a sugar filled soda. Most diet sodas feel thin even when the taste is good. But diet a&w root beer is thick and refreshing. It is hands down the best soft drink on the market. Diet or full flavor it just is. I love diet dew and diet pepper but they don’t have the full flavor and body of diet a&w. God it’s to die for!


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