Clash of Clans is lame.


I’ve sank countless hours into Clash of Clans on my iPad but it sucks.

The game is 100% premium. You build troops, WAAAAAAAIT, search 1000 times until you find someone with a bunch of money, attack, build troops, WAAAAAAAAAIT, and repeat. Or you can spend gems to speed things up. Or just spend the gems to buy the gold and elixir, outright! Which many do into their own personal poverty, all the while ending up equal to a guy who has spent $5 once to support the cancer cure or some shit. It gave me a cool red flag and I wanted my flag. I know people who have spent over $1000 on the game and their base and mine are equal. Actually, mine is better, I just am not the type of guy to act like I am better than everyone (even though I am).

Clash is very fun when you’re able to do the meat and potatoes of the game, which is attacking bases with troops. I love being able to do that! No feeling is greater than coming home with a HUGE loot stash and making your base better forever with it. However, waiting on troops to construct (or again, just going the premium route which is what people do) sucks.

For me to enjoy a free game, I need to be able to successfully enjoy it without every paying money. I can enjoy this game but for only about 1/5th of the time.

The good thing is that SuperCell makes SO much money off of it, they employ…oh, about 100 people.

The game gets old, fast, with its tired method of waiting so long just to search endlessly, even though it enjoys a good deal of success. I think it could be a lot better.

34 thoughts on “Clash of Clans is lame.”

  1. Never tried it. Game looked awful. A constant harassment. Maybe as a kid I’d be like OMG yes I need to spend my life in this game, but as an adult its like no you’ll just annoy me. Actually any game that lets you spend more than $100 in it stops being a game and becomes work. That goes for DOTA 2 and TF2 too. People can make a career in the game and that’s probably what keeps them there.

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    1. Oh yeah, f**k off. You don’t need to spend any money in TF2, the stock weapons are balanced with the unlockables. I don’t know about dota tho.


    2. Actually you don’t need to spend any money to play DOTA2, its cheaper than LOL or other moba because all hero is free to play, you don’t need to pay anything to be good in game, pay in game only if you want good skin and looks good. It’s pure skills game

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    1. Just another casual gamer who have never played the real gamegods of the STRATEGY CATAGORY. Ever played STRONGHOLD SERIES? AGE OF EMPIRE? CIVILIZATION SERIES? Plz keep playing coc. XD I dont understand hoooow, you guys never get fuking bored?


  2. The point of the game is to build your base over a period of time. It wouldn’t b fun if your troops would instantly train ect.


  3. Where do I even begin, pointless, humorless, vexing. I could think a hundred things to describe Clash of Clans and not one of them would ever start with fun. Everything about this game has 2 downsides for every one upside. And with every game mechanic their are a dozen flaws. You want to build, you have to spend an obscene amount of time gaining the resources needed for construction. As well as the resources for building the defenses to protect your resources! And even with a maxed out town hall base you are still vulnerable to being bulldozed by a player just only one town hall above yours. Clan abuse has never been worse. I have been kicked out of a dozen clans for no other reason except for fun or harassment. When I was in the middle or before war.

    Clan wars is absolutely ridiculous nowadays. You’re not getting sh(i)t if you lose and risk getting kicked just for a bad attack or even out of someone else’s frustration if the clan ends up losing too many wars.

    Hitting the next button over and over makes me want to tear my eyes out. And adds insult to injury to the tens of thousands of gold that is wasted through countless searching whenever you hit the next button.

    My advice stay away from this pitiful thing called a “game.” And you’ll be much happier than me or anyone that has played before me. Anyone who has been a victim of this fraud knows that the heart of the game mechanic is to both addict and frustrate you to continue playing long after it becomes boring or tedious. Out of the need that you feel entitled to play to advance and grow and the false yet ever so close feeling hope that it’ll always be better.


  4. Agree with it sucking. You try to save up some resources. You get close and are attacked. Ok you wait, but now you got shields. The moment they go down, you are attacked. Back to square one. I’m trying to save dark elixir. I spend all my gold and normal elixir. Shields end and I leave. Come back five minutes later and had been attacked. Guy used 30+ archers, several Giants, barbarians, etc. He left with less than 500 of each resource. Seriously? That is pitiful economics there. Incompetence.

    Boom beach is far better. I am rarely attacked, my troops fight again if they survive, easy to rank up. Just much better overall.


  5. New update in December, now it sucks ! Cheesy new defense and hero lol. Let’s just say 3 good things about update re arming cost of traps, freeze spell at th9 and Th 11.


  6. Much agreed. The game is redundant and now has become designed to force you to buy gems with its terrible update. Nothing free about it. Greed runs supercell. What was once a decent time killer is now a money pit for people with no life to buy a pretend little town. If you are looking for simple time killing fun I suggest you look elsewhere. CoC is a waste of time, money and brain cells. Don’t reward the greedy supercell people by giving them your money for the privilege to be someone else’s door mat to improve their little town.


  7. After the update, it became terrible. I am never playing any Supercell game again. At least I got a partial refund for gem purchases from google.

    Plunder pirates is much better.


  8. December update revealed Supercell’s greed. March update revealed Supercell’s lack of willingness to take into account millions of players’ desire for them to correct their December mess especially in regards to farming & easy shields. Therefore, after almost 2 years of playing, I deleted 3 accounts (1 almost max TH9, 1X TH8.5 & 1 well weighted & war kicking TH8). Three of the top accounts in my clan re: min stars lost & max stars gained. As well, my war winning clan of (up to) 45+ members ALL QUIT COC! I now enjoy my free time not having to waste hours a day on stupid, idiotic grinding created by stupid decisions from certain people from Supercell. (As if there is nothing better to do than be a slave to Supercell’s idiotic scheme to not only rob people of their money, but also their time &, in essence, their lives.) I thought I’d regret having to lose what I have spent & invested in the game. Instead, I am saved from having to lose more. I will never play any game that is associated with Supercell or it’s members ever again. As well, to hell with 99% of freemium games. From now on, it’s the “pay once” games or ones that have a max ceiling on what can be purchased. (Say $30 max.) Not like Clash or Game of War, which are nothing more that legal scams & money pits. The only thing I left with was a bad taste in my mouth.


  9. Whether you like the game or not is an opinion. I really like this game with the strategy, and I do like hearing both sides of the argument. I just don’t like it when people say your wrong for thinking opposite of what others think


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