10 things the WWE Network needs…badly.


I’ve had the WWE Network for a full year now and I have enjoyed every day of it, but I am also running out of content. WWE needs to correct this with some simple fixes and a little elbow grease, too. Here are a few of my ideas that I think would help things out.

  1. All-American Wrestling – Just batch add the entire fucking series on the Network, guys. There is no reason to do this one episode a week shit. OnDemand services are about binge watching. This show had it’s own creative spin with Gene Okerlund and Bobby the Brain Heenan and many missed it with it only airing on Sunday mornings in the US.
  2. WWF Superstars – Again, another one that I wish they would batch-add but at least begin to put up. This show WAS the WWF show for the longest time. Before Raw, storylines happened on Superstars. Also, you’ll get to see how many they taped in a row in certain towns since I swear they’re in Glenn Falls New York 4 shows in a row sometimes.
  3. WWF Livewire – Another weekend show I want to see. It was Saturday morning TV at it’s finest, replacing WWF Mania. Fans got to call in and talk to wrestlers and some of the most memorable Stone Cold Steve Austin moments happened on this show.
  4. WWF Mania – A quirky show with it’s own unique blend of recapping elements from Monday Night Raw to having exclusive matches or even doing Slammy Awards. It was Saturday morning TV you had to see.
  5. WWE CommentariesOriginal Idea – What if you took classic matches from the past and let the Superstars involved commentate on it, telling us what they were thinking or doing or things that were going on? Weekly show idea.
  6. WWE Legends of Wrestling – Why is this not on right now? I mean new episodes! This show is bad ass and should be a weekly event. Fans love getting to see all the old stars get to discuss the past and present, as well as the future.
  7. The Stone Cold Podcast – Should be a regular event on the Network.
  8. A Weekly Talk Show similar to Tuesday Night TitansOriginal Idea – There is no reason someone shouldn’t be hosting an hour weekly show interviewing different talents. Let them adlib things. Great character development opportunity.
  9. A Reality Show with current WWE Superstars and DivasOriginal Idea – Not like Total Divas so much as like Legends House. I want to see a group of 12 talent compete with each other for some awesome prize (maybe a title “opportunity” that they naturally win). Give the fans at home the opportunity to vote for our winners or vote people off, too. That way, the WWE app is used.
  10. More Obscure Material – I’m tired of the Monday Night Wars. I’ve heard all I need to about DX and the nWo. We know Bret was screwed by Vince and Shawn. It’s time for stuff we aren’t expecting! I want obscure material like some of the classics I mentioned above but also, Shotgun Saturday Night, Wrestling Challenge, Action Zone, Saturday Morning SLAM!, JAKKED!, heAt, Velocity and many others. This is all content that core fans probably have never seen. I’m talking about the fans who lived through the Attitude Era and the 90s.

Give us more, Vince! You’re at a million subs and that’s great! Just keep the ones you have because eventually, we need to justify why we are spending money on something we’ve watched up!


One thought on “10 things the WWE Network needs…badly.”

  1. I think they need less WWE and more alternatives. I find myself watching stuff from the early 90s and WCW hay day stuff. They need to get the rights for all wrestling, even active companies, even if they’d be considered competition, they’re not competition and never will be.

    Not to mention original television shows. Not commentaries and talking about behind the scenes things. That would be nice, but WWE has all the viewers its going to get on its own. It needs to think outside the box. Of course that all costs money and the network just doesn’t have the viewership of Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu and they never will unless they offer more than wrestling.

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