Review: Back to the Future part 2


Back to the Future 2 is a milking of the money tree, make no mistake. The opening is different, Marty’s girlfriend is noticeably different. Marty’s dad is less noticeably different. Just a mess.

The original theatrical release didn’t even have a “To Be Continued…” in it. It should have stayed that way.

Now, when the Deloreon time travels, it doesn’t have ice all over it. Biff sees the Deloreon unlike last time. For no reason they take Jennifer out of the car and leave her in an alley. This whole plan isn’t even sensible.

So does the scar eye chick pick Martin Jr. up by his nuts? Griffs board actually gets larger as it appears. Apple autocorrects “A” to “maybe.” And a USA Today drone appears. At least they got drones right!

Marty puts the almanac in his jacket but it’s in a bag later. Hill dale is a breeding ground for tranqs, lobos and zipheads


They managed to get flatscreen TVs in the 1980s and wearable TVs (Google Glass). Why would there be a fax machine in every room? (Or home).

Biff comes back and it looks like he’s having a heart attack but he’s just vanishing. We don’t see that even though they shot it.

Marty’s neighborhood now had murder, dogs, body outlines and black people. Marty stumbles onto Mr. Strickland’s porch. He literally was going to be murdered seconds before a gang of drive-by shooters saved his life. This Strickland man is a dick. We learn in the next movie that it runs in the family.

Biff can afford a “Pleasure Paradise” but can’t afford to clean the street up of the biker gangs, the pollution and the drunks. It is a ridiculous scene, really. You wouldn’t have any customers at this casino if you had to walk through ground zero before getting there.

So, a lot of stuff happens. I’m lazy here. Marty confronts Biff and Biff just starts shooting at him. He says he can cover up a murder, which is believable. Anyone with money and power can buy local cops out pretty regularly, even in 2015 America. Doc knocks Biff out by opening a door.

They go back to 1955. Doc gives Marty a walkie talkie that might have realistically had a 20 foot range. Buffs grands tells him not to forget to turn out the garage light. He forgets. Biff can’t hear Marty an inch behind him!!

Footage from the first movie of Crispin Glover is used. I think a whole movie could be done on Biff.

Doc really starts fucking up. He takes around 12 hours to buy a suit and bike. He runs into himself and jeopardizes the whole universe (or just his own galaxy) by talking to himself. Then he wrecks the Delorean into the billboard screwing it up. He should have been waiting on Marty.

When Doc and Marty catch up to Biff in the flying car and Marty suggests they land on him to cripple his car. The only reason Doc dismisses murdering Biff is because his car would tear the Delorean up! I would like to see a fan edit where they just kill him because he’s such a burden to the timeline. His descendants and ancestors are too!


Biff runs into shit as Marty is carried by a plastic flag rope that wouldn’t hold him. Biff spits shit out of his mouth. His great grandfather would do this/did this in the next movie.

Doc suddenly can’t land the car straight down/vertically, like he did during the thunderstorm at the beginning of the movie. With the wind blowing 100 mph, Marty lights a match!!! Lol! Then he sets the book on fire and it actually catches. In reality, I can be outside trying to light a cigarette and if the wind is blowing 1 mile per hour, burn my thumb off if I am lucky.

Doc gets hit by lightning and a 66 appears probably to pay homage to Satan or something. Then an ominous delivery man appears with a letter to Marty. Marty decides to run on foot back to town instead of just ask for a ride.

Doc faints when he sees Marty. People have a consciousness problem in these movies and I don’t understand why. Then, they spoil the ending of the next movie by showing us a scene in the preview where Marty kisses Jennifer. That means he got home. Total fucking spoiler!!!!!!!!!!

To Be Concluded in Back to the Future Part 3.


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