Sid Meier’s Starships is actually fun.


I noticed a lot of negative reviews for it but when you put Sid Meier and starships in the same game, I have to check it out. The result? A game that is actually fun with idiot dipshits reviewing it that don’t understand the genre.

Now, this isn’t a perfect game but what it is is a lot of fun. You get to pick a unique affinity and leader, both of which determines your bonuses and hopefully your focus on the game. Will you do it diplomatically, scientifically or just use laser beams. Laser beams.

It isn’t overly complexed, which is good because games like these sometimes don’t know when to draw the line. You can dive in, play a quick game (or a longer one) and quit at will. You aren’t messing with a long, drawn out and ultimately pointless story in this game. The game itself is the story – that’s something I like. This actually reminds me of a strategy version of Star Trek Armada meeting Star Trek Birth of the Federation. For the 3 of you that have played both games, you get what I’m saying and probably love the reference. For the rest of humanity, sorry. Trek games were all we had back in the day.


I’m hopeful a multiplayer aspect will be added down the road, as it is crucial to a game like this. Also, I fucked up and bought the game on my PC without realizing an iPad version was also available, but it costs $15 bucks. While that’s pretty cheap for a brand new PC game, it is pretty expensive for an ipad app, all things considered. Make no mistake, before you purchase the game, you will want to be a big fan of this SPECIFIC genre of games (space, strategy, turn based, diplomacy, etc…). If this is the first game of the type that you’ve played, it is a risky buy. For people who enjoyed games like Star Trek Armada, Birth of the Federation, Star Wars Empire at War and Sins of a Solar Empire, you’re going to enjoy this game. Now, it won’t break any new ground and you aren’t going to wet yourself at the idea of new material, but most of those games are way too complexed for an iPad game. This one isn’t.

Space combat and strategy meet X-COM’s interface.  Not too complicated but not too simple. I’m glad this game was made and I do think it has a lot of potential. Hopefully, there will be new content, updates, multiplayer and more to expand.

7/10 (but my 7/10 means a 9 on most meatheads stupid scale).


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