There’s more than just ice cream in a carton of Blue Bell


There’s also listeria. And three people are dead from it.

I like ice cream as much as the next guy. Blue Bell is a brand I’ve eaten before, too. Unfortunately, they’re also susceptible to contamination, evidently. If you don’t believe it, I know three people you could ask. They won’t answer tho. They ate Blue Bell and died.

Now, I’m not sure how Listerine got in Blue Bell ice cream, but I’ve always known that shit tasted bad enough to kill you. Once, one of my parents made me use it and I hated them forever. That was 20 years ago and I’m still upset over it.

“Remember how you made me taste that awful shit?”

“Honey that was 20 years ago.”

“Well it aint 20 years ago for me, my tongue is still burning!” *Gets up and leaves Christmas dinner*

Somehow was spilled in Blue Bell.
Somehow was spilled in Blue Bell.

Blue Bell did say it was their first product recall in 108 years. Problem is that people died and it doesn’t matter if it is there first in 1,000 years – they killed people and should compensate their families. I hope they will choose to.

I’ve had food poisoning before and it almost killed me. I was in the hospital for days and couldn’t quit vomiting – to the extent that it damaged my abdominal muscles. I had to receive IVs, potassium injections, endless numbers of nausea shots and the doctors thought my appendix was rupturing. That’s legit.


After my appendix told them he was fine, they eventually gave up like most doctors do and hoped I would die. I came out of it, barely. But I truly was a step from death and I think dying from nausea in the manner that I was might be a worse death than drowning or burning up. At least, it would be quicker.

So when I see people are getting sick from food and dying, it hits home for me. It’s a sensitive spot. Food manufacturers need to be doing everything in their power to prevent this stuff from happening. I know it’s hard to make profits in today’s world, thanks to liberals, but you don’t really understand the horror created by your mistakes in this area – until you experience it.

This isn’t just for Blue Bell – it’s for everyone. But since you guys just now did it, it’s also for you, so yeah.


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