Butterfinger Nesteggs are a total disappointment


So it’s that time again where we celebrate the birthday of someone who died, but was resurrected (and went away I guess? So he’s like the only alive guy in Heaven?). In Christianity, if you “believe in” this Person, so is taught, you get to live forever in harmony. Otherwise you get to burn in flames for literally forever because you chose not to believe what crazy people taught while using it as a crutch to look down on the behavior of others. Makes sense.

Anyway, we all get egg-shaped candies now to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth (somehow, I don’t think an EGG is representative of how Jesus was born). Butterfinger got in on it too but they completely let me down!

What I expected to be a chocolate covering over a delicious Butterfinger inside was nothing of the sort. No, see, what they did was make a 99% solid chocolate egg with a few atoms of Butterfinger sprinkled in it. TOTAL BULLSHIT.

It should just be sold as Nestle Chocolate (with Butterfinger sprinkles) because as it is, it is blatant false advertising. How can you fucking include 1% of something and call it that?

I like chocolate as much as the next guy but we all know Nestle chocolate sucks. If it was Hershey’s giving me an excess of chocolate, I could get passed it. Unfortunately, Nestle gives us some dried out tasteless paste to chew on. And now they’re packaging their brands with nothing but that damned chocolate and not enough Butterfinger. I noticed there were Nestle Crunch versions of these stupid ass Nesteggs, so I’m guessing they pulled the same stunt with that shit and just sprinkled a few rice crisps in the mix. If you ever wondered, the best Crunch bars are the little mini ones, not the full sized stupid ones that are so thin, you could read through it.

Bart got his wish. Nobody laid a finger on Butterfinger when making this.

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