Review: Hell’s Kitchen – Season 8


We’re back with another season of Hell’s Kitchen, filled with weirdos, vomiting and all kinds of crazy shit.

We learn from episode 1 that Antonia is a stupid ass. She makes a soup so bad, Chef Ramsay vomits. She then acts like she’s dizzy or sick and falls down. Has a migraine and had to go to the hospital. Then like any idiot, she panics and almost makes things worse with her panic. She really looks like a weird morphed Jew gypsy.

Sabrina sucks and immediately I hate her. Ramsay calls her “Baby Spice” 

Raj seems maybe autistic. He’s doing karate which sucks.

One of my favorite lines of the season is “it looks like Ghandis flip flop.”

On the episode with cows, they use the same cow sound effect about 20 times.

The tallest and shortest swap teams mid-season.

Trev is a smokey throat smoke teeth loser. He’s a bitch and I can’t stand him. He reminds me of someone I knew who thought he was awesome and was so annoying, I had to tell him to shut the fuck up. He should have thanked me but he hated me, not realizing what a nuisance fuck he was.

“People in fine dining aren’t used to getting portions like Andre the Giant.” said Gordon Ramsay, at one point. He also said, “Shut your fat East Coast mouth. You dirty little fucker.” to Vinny or whatever the grease head’s name was. Oil head.

The shitty Goodyear blimp returns. I hate it.

I was happy that Nona ended up winning, since she seemed to work hard throughout the season to improve. She also seemed to have a nice personality but was able to kick some ass when she needed to be able to. The guy who she beat was a sore loser and promised to never let any of his teammates who “cost” him the victory have jobs in his town, like he was in Vegas in a movie from the 80s.

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