Barnhills is a shithole.


Barnhills is the scum hole of the food world.

Low quality food. Flies. Stale shit. Dirty restaurant.

Food that everyone handles with their unwashed hands. I never wash mine. My dick is cleaner than the faucet.

Aside from the poor quality of the food, it costs WAY TOO MUCH to eat at the damn place. All I know is I ended up forking over a 20 plus a tip for two people. Then, we got our food and know what it was?


Actually, forgive me. I shouldn’t say that or I might get sued. Pedigree dog food is far better than Barnhill’s.

I looked up some of their reviews on Google Reviews, a handy little tip. This one made me laugh:

Food is good, but it’s a sweat box, something is wrong with their A/C, And dont bother asking about it, they will lie to your face.

Anyway, I’ve never been to one that deserved to stay open. If you see it, wreck your car into the front door.


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