Review: Goosebumps – My Hairiest Adventure.

I'd be more concerned with those ears.
I’d be more concerned with those ears.

Back with some more of this shit. And the dog you see there? He’s actually in this episode!

We open with a kid being chased by three dogs, a collie I could kill with my bare hands, a rat terrier, a beagle mix that is not violent at all, and some other mutt. None are vicious but they’re scared off by a girl with different color eyes. The boys acting SUCKS.

The black kid says he’s going to use INSTANT TAN! LOL. Why? So you look like you haven’t been unlocked yet? Also none take the lid off when passing it around. High school play quality.

The doctor makes a house call, which no doctor has done since 1950.

Larry talks back to his dad, justifying his murder if you believe in the Bible.Anytime Larry is in the bathroom someone fucking starts bugging him.

Get this – the doctor thinks Larry growing pounds of hair on his arms and legs is just a little irritation, maybe nerves. Lol!

Larry freaks out when his friend turns into a dog and takes off running from his parents. I’m not sure why, but they use surfing/beach music for this part.

Larry turns into a labrador – the same labrador in the show open! We learn Larry actually was always a dog who the doctor had just turned into a person, but he reverted. We learn the doctor has turned the cat into a baby. And we’re done.

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