Review: Goosebumps – Stay Out of the Basement Part 2


Back yet again with another part 2 of a Goosebumps episode. These become pretty regular as we move into the seasons of the shows, so don’t expect any changes. And yep, this one is dumb too.

We begin part two with the vine attacking the nosey little kid. His sister walks up like nothing is going on and saves him. They ask their dad if he is a mad scientist. Good question.

The episode features a thunderstorm with the worst lightning sound effect and the same one over and over. The kids find a bed of worms. Must be the Boogymans bed.


The father doesn’t take the tape off of his own mouth, even though his hands are simply bound at the wrist but totally free to remove it himself.

Margaret sprays the fake dad with weed killer after some shitty acting when he says “princess.” That’s her clue of course that he is real. Why not just spray them both? Weed killer wouldn’t affect the real one.

She saves the day, everyone gets hamburgers and then some flowers talk to her. A truck that may have cost $5 drives off with plants stacked so high and unstably, if it goes more than 10 miles per hour, they’ll all fall out.


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