Review: Legend’s House – Episode 1


Legends House is a reality show that features some of the greatest WWE legends ever. Hillbilly Jim, Gene Okerlund, Howard Finkel, Roddy Piper, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Jimmy Hart and alleged sexual offender, Pat Patterson.

“I created the Royal of Rumble” Patterson said, introducing himself. We meet the other members and Gary Busey shows up.

What is this – the Dong Show?” Says Atlas. “Gary Busick,” is identified by Pat Patterson.

“I sit down on the rubber mats. ‘Close your eyes.’ Fuck you.” Says Roddy Piper. When everyone stands up, I swear someone farts.

Gary Busey witnesses to everyone and Pat Patterson, a lifetime homosexual resistant to Christian ideals that are anti-gay (and anti everything), says he’s not buying dat.

Jim Duggan decides he wants to fight Tony Atlas and starts something with him for no reason. I want to see these two go. Busey has a piece of food on his mouth throughout the scene. I can’t keep from gagging just thinking about it.

The show ends with Roddy Piper wandering out and everyone else getting drunk. The question is – will things explode? No clue yet, but this show is actually awesome for wrestling fans.


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