Review: Goosebumps – Night of the Living Dummy II


Night of the Living Dummy 2 actually isn’t even a sequel. It’s the first version they did for the show.

Family night opens the show with a creepy family acting like no family ever has. The father decides to surprise the weird girl with a ventriloquist fetish with a new dummy. It’s fucking cursed YA know. Starts talking and shit. I should mention I’m doing this review while sick, which makes me hate everything.

I’m ready for this family to get murdered. The dad sings “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands.” Nah actually I’m pissed hearing that song.

The dummy does some finger painting on the girls house painting. He insults everyone and tries to pull a Jeff Jarrett guitar hit on dad.


The dummy walks into the house with an endless supply of white mud on his feet. He must have had 20 pounds of mud on them because each step is as muddy as the first.

The dummy is going to kill the girls but he would have been terminated by me in about one front kick. I would have launched him. But just death is about to occur, an unseen figure saves the day. Is it the little brother? Nope! It’s the first dummy the girl owned!!!

The evil dummy dead shattering was a little much for a kids show but whatever, scare the little shits.

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