Review: Are You Afraid of the Dark – The Tale of the Phantom Cab


Are You Afraid of the Dark. was actually a scary ass show for little kids in the early 90s. It was basically a Saturday night horror show for kids. A group of kids called the Midnight Society tell scary stories with supernatural twists around a campfire. What could possibly go wrong?

The Tale of the Phantom cab is our first tale. Two brothers are lost in the woods with no parental supervision. Suddenly they find a creepy guy who says he’ll help if they follow him. My cat chooses this part of the show to try to screw my arm. The come to a hut that looks like it’s out of the Shire.

Things get creepy and they run to the hut. A man with the yellowest teeth ever appears. Dr. Vink. He’s wanting to do riddles. What is it that has no weight can be seen by the naked eye and if you put it in a barrel, it makes it lighter. He scares the kids with a hand.

A cab shows up and picks the kids up to kill them unless the solve the riddle. Guess who the driver is?

The Creepster himself


Unfortunately, the kid solves it. The answer? A hole. It pisses me off.

The doctors hut also vanished. And the kid telling the story gets into the Midnight Society.


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