Review: Goosebumps – Say Cheese and Die!


Say Cheese and Die is our next episode of Goosebumps. I’m really hating the theme song at this point.

Some kids are dicking around where they don’t belong and they find a camera that looks like Ecto 1 from Ghostbusters. It makes bad shit happen. A kid gets his pic taken then does a stunt man fall into some boxes.

The kids ride with their idiot parents in a new car that the camera predicted would wreck. The dad almost kills his family. But they avoid it. Parents in these shows are always stupid.

So Greg won’t take a picture of bullies but he’s cool taking a pic of an innocent girl. She vanished. Some fake cop actors show up, one wearing sun glasses at night. They question a kid without his parents present, which is illegal.

The kid decides to return the camera. So the old pedophile that made the camera tries to kidnap the kids. They trap him in the camera by taking his pic. It looks dumb.


Then the bullies find the camera and set old Ped free. The episode ends as we are left to imagine lots of sexual abuse.

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