Review: Are You Afraid of the Dark? – The Tale of Laughing in the Dark


We actually start the episode at a fair with a horror house already. But that’s just to set up one of the Midnight Society members to be scared and threaten to run off.

The Tale of Laughing in the Dark begins a second time. The kids are intimidated by a haunted house you would never see at a local fair. Too awesome. A jerk red head gets dared to go through the Pedophile House. Has a red head ever been abducted? You could let them walk home through Michael Jackson’s house and not worry.

Ginger starts looking for the right door to escape after some shit, and finds it…but he needs Zeebos nose and so he looks for and finds him. Then, another lamely executed scream. He steals the clown’s nose. The ginger is very cocky about this and sits his steam cleaner down by the door


So the schtick is that the clown wants his foam nose back and is stalking the kid now. Again, this just seems like a sex offender story retold through a child’s eyes with magic and mystical properties (like Islam).

The kid spills the pudding after dipping his gross red head fingers in the bowl. He also heats up some spaghetti and tomato sauce to recharge his Red.

He ends up giving the nose back and a box of blunts for Zeebo to make peace and it works.


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