Review: Goosebumps – Bad Hare Day


This is going to be a magic trick episode. The guy calls it a “gill-a-tine.” Then he referenced the electric chair, which was considered humane at the time of this show but any civilized person now regards as barbaric (along with the entire death penalty)

He plays a cruel joke on the kids who will be traumatized. The young boy sneaks out with his annoying sibling (another one, how many are in these shows?)

Magic show. Cool if you’re 6. The boy falls down a trap door during a box trick and we see a creepy guy that played the bath toothed janitor in an earlier episode.

Things go cray cray next, with him encountering his sister. Then, she turns into a rabbit. Then the rabbit starts talking with a Brooklyn accent. The rabbit is kind of funny. He helps rescue the sister but then turns into a person. We find out he’s evil. He’s wearing a Mexican dancers outfit. El Sidney then waves his wand.

We find he has turned both the kid and the magician into rabbits and plans to decapitate them.

attn: PETA

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