The Last Man on Earth – Episode 4 & 5


With Phil Miller now married, encountering the beautiful Melissa seems to have wrecked his entire life once again. Now, he longs for her – but will he piss every woman in existence off at him instead?

Episodes 4 and 5 follow the three person-formula on the show, with Phil attempting to appease to Melissa and clearly regretting the agreement to marry Carol. Melissa, however, seems to sympathize with Carol and doesn’t approve of Phil’s behavior. Phil even shaves his beard off to impress Melissa! But both Carol and Melissa dress him down pretty harshly.

Phil eventually comes up with an excellent plan. Repopulation. With the human race extinct, both women should bear children so that incest isn’t the only chance for repopulation, sort of like the Bible fictionally records. Both women seem keen to Phil’s trickery at first and he has to go so far as to set up a dunk tank for the women to get revenge on him, with. He forgot to bait them with Redbooks, however, so they ignore it.

Eventually, the women summon Phil. They inform him that they have reconsidered his suggestion and agree with it. Phil is in shock and glee. His moment has finally come, pun intended. He prepares a ridiculously elaborate ceremony to bed and make love to Melissa, but he isn’t allowed to call it “make love.” Throughout episode 5, we see a pretty wicked looking sports car with a mean looking driver that we never fully see, headed to Phil’s town after seeing his signs around America.

Finally, as Phil is about to have his moment with Melissa, he sets off some fireworks. She isn’t impressed by his excitement, but it has unintended consequences. Just as the moment is about to begin, the sports car pulls up. Out steps a 4th survivor. And…

It’s a fat dude.

The show, for me, stayed interesting through these episodes although by the end of Episode 5, I was tiring of the show a little bit. I took a break from it after a while, but Episode 6 picks back up and remained interesting and fairly funny.

What is curious about this show is, it changes the entire dynamic every few episodes. Will there ever be a permanent cast or number of people or will it always grow? Or will it shrink!?

The show’s uniqueness has my attention. For now.



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