Review: Goosebumps – Attack of the Mutant Part 1


Time for another two parter. Attack of the Mutant is ambitious but it’s also a failure in so many ways. This opening theme is just garbage.

Holy fucking shit it’s Adam West!!!!!!!! I was just watching Family Guy so this was a mind fuck. The kid is fat with braces. The father is nerdier than George McFly. Then the mutant looks like he’s pushing out of the comic, Vigo the Carpathian style.

The mutant spies on the kid. He meets a pretty girl and totally blows it by acting dumb. He gets out of the bush in a strange place and sees the mutants headquarters. It’s N64 quality.

More with the kid obsessed with comics. So what he’s got a hobby. At least he’s not into killing animals with guns. He goes back and the girl does some cheap scare. She was apparently waiting there for him, maybe for hours. They step through the invisibility curtain. Some pretty bad green screening. I’ve seen McDonalds playpen with better set design.


The girl starts panicking and freaks out in the elevator. Skipper keeps his cool even though he’s a kid in an evil villains lair.

They go deeper and deeper through the basement with different gels over lights. Some areas are red, some…blue! This feels like a 1970 show. The kid finds a bunch of drawing of himself in fear then he turns around and screams as the silly looking guy in a costume/mutant attacks him. Of course, this is our “To be continued!”

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