Review: Goosebumps – Attack of the Mutant Part 2


Part two of this. I’m in a foul mood. Not really in the mood to see this shitty show.

We recap last time, including the fat son of some executive starring in this.

It wasn’t the mutant. It was Libby with a cardboard cutout of him…But it’s eyes glow.

He eats spaghetti and watery sauce and nasty looking meatballs. He sees himself in a comic and runs to tell his parents who ignore him because TV parents are dumb.

Everyone keeps telling the kid that comic books can warp your mind, know what else can warp little minds? The Bible.

The green screen is so bad, the kid runs in place to jog through the lair. Then he comes across the Gallupung Gazelle. Adam West!! The kid unwraps a single rope from the Gazelle which held him in place. He tells the fat kid to lose weight.

He was really poor around this time I guess.
He was really poor around this time I guess.

The mutant becomes a chair. A laughing chair. The Gazelle retreats and the mutant vanishes. Libby reveals that there never was a Libby. It’s the mutant. So he teleported onto the other side of the door?

The mutant says Skipper is a comic book character now. We get about 5 minutes of talking. The boy, through the worst lines ever, tricks the mutant into killing himself by morphing into sulfuric acid. In other words, the Masked Mutant was mentally retarded.

The kid turns into Elastic Boy to wrap up a half-hour of horribleness.

Home movie quality.

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