Review: Are You Afraid of the Dark? – The Tale of the Lonely Ghost


The Tale of the Lonely Ghost is our next episode. The episode is insanely bright to begin with. A girl with Pentecostal length hair is staying with a big mouth red head for the summer and wants to win her over.

The red head makes her go through an initiation by staying in a haunted house. I keep thinking the ginger smells like ketchup. The mean girls all have lame pants and one has the biggest butt.

A ghost appears in the mirror and writes help me on the wall backwards. No clue why she didn’t write it where we could understand it.

The red head and the other girl have to clean up the room the dumb ass ghost girl wrote on the walls in. The red head is mesmerized and gets trapped in the mirror. Ghost girl says go get nanny she’s my momma and shit.

Nanny comes back and hugs her baby with yellow teeth. Nanny goes into the ghost mirror and becomes young again. Beth is stuck in the mirror still but it’s just the closet. Beth comes out of the closet.

The story ends. Lame as fuck. That’s one of the lamer ones. One of the boys gives a girl a crummy locket. Made me wish for the end of the world.


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