Review: Goosebumps – More Monster Blood!

Doesn't really have anything to do with the hamster.
Doesn’t really have anything to do with the hamster.

We start out More Monster Blood with Evan from last time, on the plane, where we left off last time. It’s actually sort of a new story, instead of last times episode.

They’re apparently flying overseas on a plane with a single row and three seats on each side. There’s a bully named Conan.

The nerd is reading 101 things to do with your modem! A flight attendant goes below to investigate the turbulence. He finds the monster blood everywhere. A monster blood zit explodes on him.

Fat guy rubs monster blood in his face. A woman observes that he’s been “in there ten minutes.” Yeah maybe it’s a shit, nosey.

The kid notices the monster blood and causes a panic. She opens the door but Peter Griffin has vanished. A man disapproves of young Evan crying wolf.

The green ooze eats the flight attendant. And a nosey guy. I guess it eats everyone on the plane as stock thunder fx play. Multiple times. They toss the monster blood some plane food and gets sick. Curtis is taxed with saving the group. He is a dork and complains excessively. I would have tossed him into the monster blood. He just stands there as it eats Konnan. That’s how they say it’s. Curtis is renamed Uselis. They kill i with airline food. We hear about 90 burp sound effects at once. Somehow dog shows up in the middle of the plane cabin. It’s awful.


The kid forgets his jacket, opens the curtain and finds a giant ant. The end.

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