Review: The Last Man on Earth – Episode 9 – The Do-Over


Phil and Carol have moved in. Phil is miserable and he blames God, not realizing he doesn’t exist.

Phil foolishly decides to pray, again not realizing that does nothing. Suddenly, Mary Steenburgen and a hot Aussie show up. Phil decides to tell them nothing about anyone else! But before he can have sex, he feels guilty!! So he buys Carol groceries! Then he tells her he’s going “camping.” The entire time, I was laughing.

Then Phil absolutely kills it. “Hot older lady and a black lady” and I slapped myself. Then, he saves it with a sympathy story about his wife dying. I’m telling you, there would be sex in this house if I was there.

Phil and the girls decide to go skinny dipping! He’s going to get laid but as they’re driving down the road, they see another set of lights. They run into Carol, Melissa and Todd. Phil is caught as the episode ends!


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