Review: Are You Afraid of the Dark – The Tale of the Twisted Claw!


The episode begins with a kid having a nightmare that the grim reaper is over him. He wakes up and sees it next to him still. Just a teaser. Dave submits our featured tale…

The Tale of the Twisted Claw! One of my favorite episodes of the show.

Halloween! Mischief night! The night Christians get in a hissy over mythology. Some kids shaving cream an old witch who knocks over her vase. She laughs.

The kids dress as a bum and a rubber mask with a sheet on. They show back up at the witches. She gives them a cursed claw that grants three wishes. I’d wish for infinite wishes. The dumbass kid wishes he can go home. What a silly waste.

They meet some bullies who survive on candy and have to run. But they get to quit trick or treating, that’s Dougies wish

The other kid Kevin wishes to win the 600. Kevin wins because a wolf dog causes the fast kid to break his leg or something.

We jump ahead to that night. Kevin wishes Douggie would lose his folks. The cops call and tell Douggie his parents had an accident and are in the hospital.

Douggie wishes his dead grandpa was there. Bad wish after bad wish. I’d have wished nothing could go wrong with my wishes. Then I’d ask for a million wishes. Kevin and Dougie are crawling to the claw to make a final wish. Dougie wishes they had never broken the base and pranked grandma witch tits. He opens the door because someone is still there and it’s his parents. Forgot their keys.

The door rings again and Dougie opens it to find a new vase. It has a note on it that says trick or treat. The witch cackles and the end. Classic story!


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