I hate Sonic the Hedgehog


I hate everything about Sonic the Hedgehog, down to the first game.

The game just sucked. You have to run as fast as possible only you never can because you’ll die. You run into stupid crabs that cause you to spill black lady’s earrings everywhere. Or you can grab some power ups like sparkliness. The levels are all the same. You’re just doing the same thing constantly. Why do you give a shit?

I hated the Chaos Emeralds. They’re insanely stupid. I hated Dr. Eggman. Hated Tails. Hated (Moose) Knuckles.

I hate the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon. There were two and both sucked. If I was a kid and it came on the TV, I would turn it off and go exercise, because it was that bad.

I hate everything about Sega really.


2 thoughts on “I hate Sonic the Hedgehog”

  1. I love this. TRULY I genuinely agree with this. I’m not lying!

    I feel Sonic the Hedgehog to be so extremely overrated that it’s not even the game that killed him for me, it’s the God-forsaken fanbase. Their F-awful, truly, & because of them, I want to quite literally, kill the Sonic characters.

    Call me psycho all you want, their THAT terribly annoying to me. Every single one of them are dull, uninspiring pieces of garbage that do the exact same thing.


    Most of these laughable characters are created solely to be a nuisance.

    Fails the Fax has an extremely annoying voice & personality. Hate the character.

    Then there’s White Sonic, Emo Sonic, Hedgehog the Sonic, & Weirdo the Red Sonic that I could talk about, also Psychopathic Pink Sonic.

    Honestly, Sonic the Hedgehog is a God F-awful franchise that, in all honesty, needs to die. Really, why do you think Sega’s feeding us Sonic Boom after it’s failure? Because even THEY know Sonic needs to die.

    And he does. So let him, you furries.

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