Review: The Last Man on Earth – Episode 10 – Pranks for Nothin’


We last left Phil Miller (or Costeneaux) in a very weird position! He had been caught by everyone lying, both his wife and the people he knew, and the two new girls. But it was just a prank!

Utilizing the oldest trick in the book, Phil tells everyone he was just playing a prank and wasn’t going to really skinny dip. He was going to reveal that the others existed. But he sticks with the Carol, his dead ex-wife, story.

Phil is officially on the outs with everyone. Even Todd is let down. They give him the perennial silent treatment, so he comes in and throws it back at them with a face-to-face stare. He also stares at the cow. This makes me laugh a lot. I like laughing. Laughing is fun.

Pretty much the entire episode consists of Phil spying on everyone or hanging out solo with his balls. He has a mean ghillie suit but doesn’t like what he hears.

Finally, he realizes that he is a liar. It is a transformative moment, as this show is fond of doing. Phil remembers all of the lies he has ever told (including “these balls are clean” which kills me. I’m writing this review off the top of my head a week after watching this and still remember that). He opens up with everyone and tells them the truth. It’s his only hope.

Phil takes it further than even I was expecting and tells Carol he never should have married her. Carol agrees and meets up with him. She gives him divorce papers! And just like that, they split up. And awkwardly make out.

Wow! This show never seems to stay in one mode for long.


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