Review: Goosebumps – The Scarecrow Walks At Midnight


The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight begins well – with me sneezing at least 5 times in a row.

A shitty old truck pulls up and some way too excited grandparents come out to greet the brother and sister. A creepy guy named Stanley utters an ominous phrase about scarecrows. Later the old people freak out about the scarecrow not being where it should have been. He shows up and beats on the door. Somehow, that isn’t scary enough so he walks into plain view.

Granny doesn’t make pancakes and the kids are mad. Stanley shows up and scares the kids to death. The kids speculate that something is wrong. They’ve said the book title twice. Why does this house need scarecrows next to it and not out in the cornfield?

Some annoying kid named Sticks keeps showing up and scaring everyone. His ass needs kicked. Stanley keeps spoiling the whole dang time for the kids.

A scarecrow attacks the kids but when the commercial returns, it’s not moving.

Later a scarecrow attacks the girl but she decapitates him. Sticks throws rocks at him to save her. Sticks and stones.

Stanley turns out to be the cause of all the mess, because he wanted to get more unfairly. Idiot. He runs off and then wakes them up with the wrong chant. He needs to die. Of Mice and Men time.

A bunch of scarecrows show up and they take one hit to kill each but still overwhelm the bad actor playing Stanley. The kid uses the harvester to kill them all.

Then Stupidly reads a chant and brings the harvester to life. It comes at them and the episode ends. They all presumably died.


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