Review: Are You Afraid of The Dark – The Tale of the Super Specs


Gary hasn’t been very scary lately, we are told. The Tale of the Super Specs is his story submission this week. It doesn’t sound like he’s going to get it done this week either.

A kid throws bone powder in the air, probably a risk for hepatitis. He picks up X-ray goggles. If I had a pair of those as a kid, every pretty girl I knew would have breast cancer in a year. The girl sees Noob Saibot standing around through the goggles.

The kid curses a bitch with Alvin and the Chipmunks voice. He pranks everyone. He plays horse. He loses. Boring.

The girl keeps putting the specs on and seeing black figures in some different dimension. A techno music keeps playing.

Next up she sees all the black figures playing basketball. The ball is black, too. This show sucks.

The fraud mystic tries to earn a little money. Suddenly the table starts shaking. The black figures all appear. Gypsy man gets angry about his name just as he is about to die. They think they banish everyone but this happens.


It casts a spell and seals some cosmic rift. Words. But the lady with the Bible in black ends up sealing them in a crystal ball and the other universe wins!

Then gap tooth and Gary scare everyone


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