Review: End Day

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End Day is a shitty movie made by BBC that just shows a bunch of worst case scenario events unfolding in a few hours.

It goes from something I forgot to a meteor shower to a fucking black hole opening up from a supercollider.

The story is porno-quality, but instead of sex, we get PS2 era graphics depicting a bunch of cataclysms for no reason other than to panic some fat people with open carry permits to get on Doomsday Preppers.

A bunch of airplanes fly straight into a black hole and it incorrectly portrays a black hole. It appears like it isn’t moving at the hole itself because not even time can escape the fucking cool ass shit. I wish a black hole would open and Britt McHenry would fall into it.

It’s shitty. I can’t in good conscious recommend it.

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