Review: Are You Afraid of the Dark – The Tale of the Nightly Neighbors


Submitted for the approval of the midnight society, except for eric, the Tale of the Nightly Neighbors.

This one was actually scary as a kid. I remember it being a trademark episode sort of, replayed a lot.

A couple of nosey kids are spying on some vampires. They’re from Ukraine. The kids speculate that they might be gypsies. The mailman shows up and was obviously bitten.

Apparently, an epidemic spreads around town but everyone fails to notice the bandage on each other’s neck.

The girl finally realizes it. She breaks the law and goes into the vampires house. Somehow they don’t get caught when they’re right in the open. The people walk right up to them. Its bad.

They see the Nick-described gypsies in the sun and, feeling safe, invite the little kid over. He’s truly the master and is the vampire. And certainly, he murders the family. He also drinks their blood and then erases their high scores.

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