DomiNations – A surprising treat for mobile/tablets!


I figured I was getting another Clash of Clans rip off with DomiNations but I couldn’t be happier to be wrong. The game is actually fun and charming.

It takes Civilization, combines it with Age of Empires and Clash of Clans. You get to pick a nation. They have unique bonuses which come in handy depending on your play style. For me, I preferred a tougher defense so I picked the Chinese.

Every nation gets a unique troop and its own style buildings. If Muslims were in the game (they sort of are if you count bears) they would have mud huts. If Christians were in it, they would have 7 trillion dollar mansions with starving children dying outside of it and the black ones being murdered by police.

I like candy.

You can also hunt deer or fox or elk or whatever, which is a little cool.

The different town hall levels are the different ages. The modern ages aren’t in the game yet, from what I can tell. That’s cool though. The level of detail for all of the ages buildings and troops is really remarkable.

The game is sexy. The graphics are impressive for what it is and the designs are detailed.


There are world wonders, as anyone would hope. They give bonuses to the civ that are unique and you get one every few ages. It’s nicely done.

I don’t recommend these kinds of games to everyone a lot but if you’re a fan of these genres, you’ll almost certainly enjoy the game

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