Pocket Mine 2 is actually kind of fun


I’m not going to ooh and ahh all over Pocket Mine 2 but I have a strange affinity for mining games and can’t explain it. They make 100% no sense and are nothing like mining but I still like the simplicity and fun of the genre. Pocket Mine 2 does an OK job with that, with a few complaints.

For starters, you only have 5 energy and to use any of your custom made miners, it takes 2 energy unless you let the person charge, then it takes 1. Basically, you’re going to get to play 3-4 games before you’re out of energy and buying or flying. I’m not buying energy in ANY VIDEOGAME EVER. Don’t do it. So I rate the experience based on what I can do and that is play probably 3 games before I’m fucked. That sucks.

If you’re not turned off entirely by that, the game has a fun campaign and random daily level set that do make the game just enough fun for a ride in an elevator or maybe a break in the car or on the bus on the ride home. Or a shit. You get to equip different gear you loot and bonus cards, which give you abilities or increase the loot dropped or money gained. With money, you upgrade your pick. It goes from hammers to expensive looking picks. I have Thor’s hammer currently, or what looks like it. I want to unlock Greg “The Hammer” but I doubt he made the game.


You start at the top a mining site and just tap dirt to dig to the bottom, picking up goodies along the way. Couldn’t be simpler to play. A baby could do it but I wouldn’t want to waste my time watching them play it, because they’d be slobbering all over it and just waving their little uncoordinated arm over it. Ugh, fuck babies.

It is a good game for kids, adults, adults with kids or kids with adults. 6/10


2 thoughts on “Pocket Mine 2 is actually kind of fun”

    1. Definitely not the graphics. Ease of use is important.

      To me, the “it factor” is when I set it down, a little time goes by and I think about wanting to play it some more. I would say a thorough, rich design with content that does not wane or waver throughout the experience.

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