Why I just canceled my WWE Network subscription.


I just canceled my WWE Network subscription that I had since launch. I got up that morning to subscribe that it first debuted and have had it since but in recent months, having it has been mostly pointless. I am not finding any new content worth a fuck and I have already watched EVERYTHING on it. I’ll talk about why I just canceled it now.

I have Hulu Plus

Having Hulu Plus gives me access to NXT, Raw, Smackdown, Main Event and Superstars. These are the 5 BEST WWE wrestling shows put on every week and it cost me less than $4 a month to get them. How? I fucking eBayed that shit. Got on eBay and got a yearly subscription card to Hulu plus, put it on my account and boom, I’m set. It cost less than $40.

Renee Young now has a show.

This pissed me off so fucking bad. Why are they giving her a show? She is the most annoying personality they have and has a voice from hell, yet we get to see her doing a show?

Jerry Springer – Too Hot for TV

I’m about to do a review just on this fucking shitty show. It was the last straw for me. Jerry Springer walks in, gets handed a check for 99% more than he is worth and he reads lines in the most monotonic voice in history with no enthusiasm while we see the most embarrassing moments in WWE history, mostly because they’re all raunchy. Like Vince McMahon pulling Jr’s head out of his ass or Booker T, Goldust and a woman all in bed together. I think he came in one day and just recorded the entire season of shows. Maybe years worth. Zero quality show.

They Add Prime Time Wrestling ONE EPISODE AT A FUCKING TIME

I hate this shit so bad. Netflix gets it and puts shit up a season at a time. WWE wants to deliberately milk it and they put one by one up each week. Prime Time Wrestling is the best example. Since I like binge watching, why not take a break from wrestling, let them artificially build their library in the cheapest goddamn way possible, and then come back in a few years and see all of it?

WWE Countdown? Sucks a dick.

I hate this show. I gave up on it a few episodes in because it is just a lame formula of asking current superstars their take on a rigged ass poll. If you don’t think they’re rigged, this is WWE. They are the company that put up a WWE App poll that asked fans to vote on a “No DQ Match, No Holds Barred or a Street Fight.” These three? Literally the exact same match.

Monday Night War is over – and it pissed me off too.

First of all, I’ve seen enough on the subject. LET IT DIE. Stop talking about it and stop doing feuds with it because it is beaten to death. But the series was OK. That said, I have seen every episode too many times to count and some even sucked and were slanted.

No More Legends House 

For the foreseeable future, there isn’t any new season of Legends House happening because they aren’t taping it. Even when they start, it’ll be a year before we see it and 6 months until all the episodes are out. That’s when I’ll come back.

The App on Roku Sucks

They never have fixed the shitty broken Roku app that crashes my box three times per week. Also, why are you streaming Prime Time Wrestling to me in HD? Give me an option for SD so I can not have my bandwidth overage bill kill me.

Not adding enough content

The shows they’re adding are shit shows with no effort or budget. They’re not adding entire seasons of past shows like Superstars, Wrestling Challenge or my favorite ever, All American Goddamn Wrestling.

The Current Product Blows and PPVs Do Too

Seth Rollins and Randy Boreton are the two guys in the main title feud right now. Put me to sleep instantly. Also we have Cena and Rusev who have been at it now for 5 months. Triple H who kills any segment he is in where he speaks. It is just not enough to justify paying to see a PPV that will be recapped, replayed and rematched on Raw and Smackdown that week.

This Video Exists

I don’t think you understand how mad that made me to hear 1990s voice guy singing about the WWE DICKWORK. I’m shaking right now and considering what I want to rip apart. It’s down to a cup, a hat and a cat.

We vote with our dollars and I am voting for the network to improve. If you aren’t using it like you did when you got it, the only way Vinnie Mac will bring his A game is if we show him we aren’t his just for the keeping.

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