EA UFC Mobile sucks but has some fun moments.


EA UFC Mobile is really fun sometimes but it’s full of bugs and has shitty tap detection.

(Jon Jones was all over the branding of the game but has since been removed because he ran over a woman while smoking weed. Something like that.)

The first version had a shitty bug where the HUD would vanish, meaning you could not tap to escape grabs or submissions. This happened when you would be near winning but the cpu “suddenly” starts countering everything like Goddamn Arrow.

In update 2, you can now knock opponents health to zero and still have them fighting you. Know what the Romans would have called that opponent? Jesus!

For some reason combos randomly end and you will then start a new one wasting your power move. Also I like how each punch knocks them back so far you have no hope of reach them. During this paragraph, two Apple devices out of three gave me a battery warning. How happy do you suspect this made me?


Now, I do enjoy the kickboxing/standup aspect of the game. Understand though, this game isn’t really a full MMA experience. There is no clinch. There is no ground game besides butterfly guard. When you slam the opponent, you will actually see both fighters cooperatively get into butterfly guard.

There are no knockdowns. Only knock outs. I hate this so bad. I want to knock an opponent down and dive down on him.

You’re basically going to be grinding challenges to buy training packs so you can level your fighter up enough to unlock more than two punches. My neighbors keep slamming doors. I hate them. My eye is also hurting like someone took a cayenne pepper and shoved it in it.

As stiff as a boner.


The game has a good roster. Sadly, all of the fighters must either be randomly unlocked through packs you buy with earnable silver coins or you must pay for them with gold coins. If that weren’t bad enough, guess how much Jon Jones would cost you? Around $35 depending on your gold pack you bought. There are a lot of 3500 gold coin fighters too. However, some notable absences:

Daniel Cormier. Did they make all these games in 2013?

TJ Dillashaw. Bantamweight Champion. Renan Barao is in tho.

Rafael Dos Anjos, who just beat Pettis, who is in.

Anthony Johnson – EA has it out for him.

All Women – there are no ladies in the game – huge letdown.

Big Country Roy Nelson – I know he isn’t going to be champion but neither is Mark Hunt and he’s in this game.

I’m hoping they expand the already large roster because that could be a great point for this game. However, EA absolutely MUST lower the cost of the fighters. I earned two Mark Hunts (or Mar Cunt) this weekend worth about $50, together, if I had bought them. That’s ridonkulus.

In fact, stupidly, you start the game with only ONE fighter. My advice is to buy the 2000 silver coin packs often and train this fighter, who I think is Alexander Gustafsson for everyone. You will on rare occasion get a new fighter. Always train abilities to their exact match to get the 6x multiplier.

You will want to be pretty apt at slipping punches. Sadly, the game seems to have the random shitty moments in tap detection that EA is known for.

The heavyweights are too slow, must be sped up.

I like knocking people out into the “take it in the ass please” position

IMG_1436 IMG_1445

If you’re a UFC fan you will probably find enjoyment in this game, if you get past its greed that definitely sours the experience. I recommend unlocking random fighters with events and earnable packs and leveling them the old fashioned way – working for it!

First Update:

So EA UFC mobile was updated. It added some new guys and fixed some shitty glitches like the end of the round where the health bars vanished. But it’s still fucked up.

First of all, the tap and swipe detection is off and I don’t know if it’s apples fault or the fact that my fingers are like polish sausages. They’re huge. This iPhone is like you holding a postage stamp.

The energy bonus system is worthless. You barely get a few points on top of what you already have. When you add 20 points to 5,000 – which is what several of my guys are, it does jack shit.

Still, fighters are prohibitively expensive if you buy individually. If you want to unlock fighters, you just gotta work up the ranks in the career and of course do live events, especially for fighters you really love. There’s basically a live event every other weekend. It’s only doing the same fights 400 times in a row but you get to unlock insane fighters that are way above normal ones in stats. However, you can buy the fighter too – for $50 in gold coins. For ONE fighter. Lol. Duuuuuumb.

I can verify that to can unlock legendary (Orange) fighters in 2000 silver training packs or in the career bonuses. I picked up Dominick Cruz, which was nice! Also got Benson Henderson which is a purple with orange stats. Their initial stats show their future potential. Benson is actually rated more highly than the more expensive Conor McGregor.

There are times I will tap special moves and they won’t execute until my combo totally ends and the guy is a mile away.

It takes WAY too fucking long for the abilities to appear after a take down or takedown attempt.


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