Suddenlink is the WORST goddamn company in America.

Just seeing this logo pisses me off.

Suddenlink is a cable/internet/phone provider to many Americans, especially across the South, where you get fucked over more than anywhere else in the United States because of Republicans being in power. Republicans never side with citizens against big companies. Ever.

Suddenlink, which has the worst advertisements I’ve ever seen from a national company, offers the shittiest service to its customers that it can get by with. Constant Internet outages, constant maintenances, the worst tech-support imaginable including tech service crews who are sometimes borderline retarded. “UUURHHH, did you restart it?” they will begin with, as their eyes are sunken into their head and half-closed, due to unawareness.

The company rakes in the profits and does as little to upgrade their infrastructure as possible. Their CEO said a few years ago that it was “all profit now” since they had finished doing upgrades. What a piece of shit.

They have data limits from 2006 numbers. 250 GBs a month for a family is ridiculously low. For one person, living alone, I go over 350 each month. Netflix, on-demand video and other stuff kill it. Suddenlink refuses to up their data limits, even though when they instituted them, they claimed 99.999% of customers wouldn’t pay any extra. Now, around 20% of the people I know pay overages.

Suddenlink also likes charging out the ass for their poor ass quality service. You’ll pay 60-80 a month for Internet, then 60-80 a month for cable, then 30 a month for a sucky ass phone that wont even block numbers correctly with its own service. Suddenlink suddenly has you fucked for 200 a month and you’re not even sure what you’re getting! That’s twice my power bill. For what? Internet?

If you decide you don’t want to pay for their fucking sucky staticy cable, they charge you extra for their always disconnecting, throttled Internet service.

I used to call Suddenlink’s help support line and it would give a fast busy signal at night because someone took it off the hook. Whats the matter, all of you reps? Not noticing ANY calls coming in? Maybe get off your lazy fucking asses and figure out why.

Suddenlink has shitty lazies who operate their social media accounts, too. Tweet them a problem and in 28 days, they might finally get back with you.

I hate this company so fucking much. America allows monopolies of cable systems and power systems but claims that we’re so free and transparent and fair and capitalistic. This is the most corrupt fucking country on earth and that corruption allows piss-poor companies like SuddenSUCK to continue their reign at the expense of the consumer.

2 thoughts on “Suddenlink is the WORST goddamn company in America.”

  1. I’d like to point out that the republican view is that people should be in power… You are thinking of capitalism… By that i mean do some research before you blame a political party you’re clearly not educated about/in. I completely agree that suddenlink sucks… and that big businesses shouldn’t have that much power, and let me tell you, I am one of the most rooted stubborn TRUE republicans… not a fucking idiotic Trump loving idiot (ie Tea Party) or a redneck shit stain confederate. Other then that though this isn’t bad argument. Good job.


  2. If you want to get rid of the caps, get a commercial account, but don’t do it through direct sales since they’ll claim the lower speeds aren’t available. got me a 7% discount on their 50/8 plan, and I’m using my own modem to avoid paying SL’s rental fee. You’ll probably get better customer service with a commercial account as well.


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